Research and transcription service

With so much genealogy data online I would like to make use of my experience to help others find their ancestors.

I have specialist knowledge of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, but also have experience in many other counties in England.

This is my site for my personal family history – it will give you an idea of what I produce.

I can help

  • with advice on where to start or where look next
  • research your family history
    • putting together a family tree using census, parish registers etc
  • transcribe older documents
    • You will need to provide a copy of the document – preferably a good quality digital copy
    • For lengthy documents such as wills I will pick out details relevant to genealogy.¬† If you want more than that, it will take longer and cost more.
    • I can deal with most genealogical latin, will not deal with extensive latin documents

I cannot supply images of documents – you will need to source them from the relevant archives.

Please contact me with all relevant details, and I will provide a quote based on an estimate of the time required.

We will agree the scope of work prior to work starting.

If I find anything that might require extra work outside the original scope, I will let you know and we can agree how to proceed.