St Mary, Gissing

GISSING, a pleasant scattered village, 5 miles N. by E. of Diss, has in its parish 498 souls, and 1907 acres of fertile land. It is in two portions, called Upper and Lower Streets, and had anciently a weekly market. It has a pleasure fair on July 25th. Two farms belong to the Earl of Orford and Doughty’s Hospital, Norwich, and here are a few smaller proprietors. The rest of the parish belongs to the Rev. Sir Wm. Rt. Kemp, Bart., the patron and incumbent of the rectory, and lord of the manors, of Gissing, Kemps-with-Dallings, and Gissing-cum-Dagworth. . . . The Church (St. Mary,) is a neat structure, with a round tower and four bells. It has several monuments of the Kemps, and attached to the chancel are two small chapels, under one of which is their vault, and in the other is their family pew. In one of the buttresses, are the remains of the stairs which led to the rood-loft where the Rev. – Gibbs, a harmless rector, but a nonjuror, used to sleep, with a window at his head, so that he could see the altar.
William White, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk (1845)

Gissing baptisms PD 50-1 1541-1638

Gissing baptisms PD 50-2 1702-1761

Gissing baptisms PD 50-3 1762-1793

Gissing baptisms PD 50-4 1794-1812

Gissing burials PD 50-1 1550-1638

Gissing burials PD 50-2 1702-1761

Gissing burials PD 50-3 1762-1793

Gissing burials PD 50-4 1794-1812

Gissing marriages PD 50-1 1562-1638

Gissing marriages PD 50-2 1705-1753

Gissing marriages PD 50-6 1754-1812

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