East Rudham

St Mary, East Rudham

EAST RUDHAM is a considerable village, on the Lynn road, 7 miles W of Fakenham, celebrated for two large annual fairs for cattle and merchandise, held on May 17th and October 14th, under a charter granted by King John to the ancient and honourable family of Belet, who long held this parish, and founded in it Coxford Priory, on the banks of a rivulet, nearly 2 miles E of the village, adjacent to Tattersett.
East Rudham has increased its population since 1801, from 572 to 994 souls, and has in its parish 3,903A 2R 10P of land, but only 3,779 acres are assessable. Most of it belongs to Lord Charles Townshend, the lord of the manor, and patron of the CHURCH (St Mary) which has a low embattled tower, and is a rectory, valued in the King’s Book at £6 6s 8d, and united with the vicarage of West Rudham, in the incumbency of the Rev Thomas Bland. The joint benefices were valued in 1831 at £407. The tithes of the two parishes were commuted in 1839, at £560 per annum to the incumbent, and £995 to the impropriator.
William White History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk (1845)

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  • East Rudham is part of the Gallow Hundred
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