Burgh St Peter

St Mary, Burgh St Peter

BURGH ST PETER, or Wheatacre Burgh, is the most south-eastern parish of Norfolk, lying in the vale of the Waveney, 6 miles E by N of Beccles, and 12 miles S by W of Yarmouth. It contains many scattered houses, 312 inhabitants, and 1979A of land, belonging to several proprietors, among whom Sir Edw Kerrison is the largest, and also lord of the manor. The vale of the Waveney, as far as this and the adjacent parishes, was anciently a large estuary, and marine stores, coins, etc, have been often found here. The CHURCH is a long thatched edifice, with a singular brick tower. The rectory, valued in the King’s Book at £7 6s 8d, and in 1831 at £330, is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. William Boycatt.
Here is a National School, built about two years ago.
William White, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk (1845)

Burgh St Peter baptisms PD 631-1 1538-1728

Burgh St Peter baptisms PD 631-2 1728-1812

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Burgh St Peter burials PD 631-2 1728-1812

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Notes from the registers

regs 1538-1728 PD 631-1
image 32
Read and Regard
From this year 1641 to the year 1658 Ther was no register kept whether through the Rectors neglicence or the inqurye of the tymes I will not determine – Henry Watts
But betwen the sayd yeares 1641 and 1658 I Henry Watts now Rector of Burgh Saint Peter have found such as followeth have been interred but the yeare and month uncertaine.
1659 Francis Rivet an anabaptisticall boy one of my persecutors buried with the office of the church liturgie of England to the great greeffe of his relatives and joy of Myne Hen Watts
image 33
These following I have by diligence found certanly baptised 1646
1657 Christofer Milne my predecessor an holy just and good othordox divine I buried the 30th November and not long before Isabell his wyffe
I the sayd Henry Watts was immediately presented by the then patroness [pro hac vice] and entered, but by 3 anabaptists namely Francis Manclarcke, Michael Burrough and William Kinge (*cted) all parishoners of Burgh St Peter
God gives and God takes
image 34
Rodeunt Saturna Regna
Charles the Second att our bonefice in this parishe was proclamed king etc the 29 of May by me with solleme prayers prayses almes and other tryumphs
Then also was I restored to my Rectory heere
sit nomen domini benedictum etc
image 38
1666 Henericus Watts that famers an holy just and good orthedox devine departed this sinfull world upon the sixteene day of November and was bured in Oulton Church the ninteenth day the lord giveeth and the lord taketh blessed be the name of the lord
image 42
1682 Sep 29 Having now been Parson of Burrow thirteen years and of Wheatacre seven I removed from this Parsonage to Wheatacre the air on Burrow Heath being so cold and ill annoyed from the marshes that I could not there injoy my health  (presumably the Rector Philip Prince)
regs 1728-1812 PD 631-2
Rectors Thomas Page 1713
Samuell Boycott 1764 resigned 1790 – died 1797 aged 73
William Boycott1790 resigned 1829 – died 1830 age 74
William Boycott 1829
William Boycott 1872
Samuel Boycott came 64 lived 33 years died at age of 73 therefore was 40 years of age on coming therefore was born 1724 
revocation of Edict of Nantes 1685 – 39 years before – I think it was not his Father but G Father who was the French Refugee  – nay I am sure from other circumstances
image 17 at the end of 1794 entries
NB from 1790 to this period the register was kept by Mr Page (a curate to my father) and there were so many mistakes which I, becoming acquainted with the parish, had it in my power to rectify that I thought it better to cut out the page than transmit the mistakes to posterity.  By comparing my record of the years 1790, 91, 92, 93 and 94 with the bills indented given in, it will be found that he Mr Page was uniformly mistaken in the maiden name of Mrs Thurston whom he registerd as Westly but who is the illegitmate daughter of Martha Lifton baptised March 29 1767, and also in the maiden name of Mrs Chalker; and also in that he registered fathers to illegitimate children – of the daughter of Elizabeth Spolden registered as illegitimate in 1790 I have to observe that she the mother was at the time a married woman and her husband alive tho either transported or on board the hulks, certainly not in cohabitation with her, and it should be recorded of James and Mary Fisk whose daughter Mary was baptised Nov 3 1793 that he said Mary Fisk the mother was the widow of the brother of the said James – William Boycott Rector

  • Burgh St Peter is part of the Clavering Hundred
  • Burgh St Peter has been known as Wheatacre Burgh and Wheatacre St Peter
  • History of Burgh St Peter