South Acre

St George, South Acre

SOUTHACRE, a small village above the vale of the Nar, opposite Castleacre, 4 miles N of Swaffham, has in its parish 100 inhabitants, and about 2,312 acres of land, belonging to Andrew Fountaine, Esq, the lord of the manor, and patron of the rectory, valued in the King’s Book at £10 18s 1½d, and in 1831, at £572. It is now enjoyed by the Rev Martin Hogge, with about 25A of glebe. The CHURCH (St George,) has a long nave, with aisles, chancel, and a low tower with three bells. In a chapel adjoining the north wall, is the tomb and effigy of a Knight Templar, supposed to represent Sir Eudo Harsicke, who died in 1292; and at the east end is another altar-tomb, with effigies of Sir Edward Barkham and his lady. On the pavement is a fine brass, with portraitures of a male and female of the Harsicke family.
William White, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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