St Nicholas, Fundenhall

FUNDENHALL, 9 miles SSW of Norwich, has in its parish 367 souls, and 1348 acres of land, belonging to several owners, the largest of whom are, Lord Berners, lord of the manor of Fundenhall-cum-Hapton, (fines arbitrary,) and T. T. Berney, Esq, impropriator of the tithes and patron of the Church (St Nicholas,) which is a donative, worth only about £21 a year, and now held by the Rev Wm Hurnard. The tithes were commuted, in 1840, for £506 per annum. Mr Wm Howes is lord of the rectory manor, and his farm suffered damage to the amount of £1470, in the great storm of hail and wind, on Aug 9th, 1843. Many other farms in this neighbourhood suffered severely at the same time.
William White, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk (1845)

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Fundenhall burials PD 30-2 1759-1812

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