My Nan
Evelyn Ekkel and her dad Marinus Ekkel – my nan and great grandad.

Family history has been my main hobby for more than 40 years. I started when I was about 10, and used to badger my nan for stories of when she was young. I have spent many happy hours (and many frustrated ones!) digging around in a variety of record offices around the country, as well as venturing into The Netherlands (old Dutch naming systems are very confusing).

I have another website where I have made available many of the documents I have put together for the many branches of my family.  I have a tendency to collect all likely people in an area with the name of interest, so I often have much information about people not directly linked to my family.  I have included the people in my documents in the hope that they may be useful to others.

Parish register transcripts

I have been making parish register transcriptions for over 15 years for my own use, and for FreeReg, where I am a county coordinator for a number of counties.  I like to specialise in the older registers as I find them more interesting and quirky than the more formal printed post 1813 registers.

All of my transcripts are searchable through the FreeReg database.

Genealogy research

I now have more time available to spend on genealogy, and I would like to make use of my experience to help others find their ancestors.